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15 new FOIA court documents, plus case descriptions

by on February 18, 2014

We have added 6 documents from 1 FOIA case filed between February 9, 2014 and February 15, 2014. Note that there can be delays between the date a case is filed and when it shows up on PACER. If there are filings from this period that have yet to be posted on PACER, this FOIA Project list may not be complete.

Click on the case title below to view details for that case, including links to the associated docket and complaint documents.

  • LEOPOLD v. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE (filed Feb 11, 2014)
    Jason Leopold, an investigative reporter, made a request to the Defense Intelligence Agency for a report that had been cited by Rep. Mike Rogers indicating that Edward Snowden had allegedly stolen 1.7 million intelligence files. After hearing nothing further from the agency, Leopold filed suit.
    Issues: improper withholding, expedited processing, immediate search and disclosure of records, attorneys fees

In addition, we have added 9 documents from 2 cases, with earlier filing dates, that have recently appeared on PACER.

  • Dennett v. Department of Veterans Affairs (filed Feb 7, 2014)
    Michael Dennett filed a legal malpractice suit against the attorneys who represented him in a Federal Torts Claim Act against the VA Medical Center in Providence. The defendant attorneys had the suit removed to federal court. Dennett filed a FOIA request with the VA for all records concerning his medical malpractice claim against the VA. The Department of Veterans Affairs acknowledged receiving the request, but after hearing nothing further, Dennett filed suit.
    Issues: improper withholding, expedited proceedings, attorneys fees
  • Oscar Johnson v. Central Library (filed Feb 5, 2014)
    This is not a FOIA action, but an employment discrimination suit. Oscar Johnson sued the Central Library in Los Angeles claiming that the library failed to hire him because of his race.
    Issues: N/A


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