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Four years added to FOIA lawsuit data

by on June 4, 2013

Thanks to the generous support recently received from the CS Fund/Warsh-Mott Legacy, the FOIA Project has been able to expand FOIA lawsuit coverage to district court cases filed, closed or updated any time since the start of fiscal year 2001 (October 1, 2000). Included are all docket reports as well as complaint documents and judicial opinions.


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  1. How will that work with jurisdictions that didn’t have ECF that far back? Will you be sending someone to those courthouses to get the documents?

    • foiaproj permalink

      We’re aware of this limitation, and are compiling statistics to help identify the extend of coverage for each district and each time period. Also, we encourage anyone who is aware of cases we might be missing to use our upload facility to add documents to the collection.


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